Xiaomi Mi jia Electric Scooter

Introduction of Xiaomi Mi jia Electric Scooter

Elegant design

The Mi jia Electric Scooter was created with a straightforward design that prioritizes comfort and use in every aspect. To ensure the smoothest and most thrilling ride possible, the scooter features a sturdy build with a folding design, a long, steady handlebar, and pneumatic tires that cushion impacts. And all it takes to rouse this road monster is a single button push.

Easy to carry and collapsible for portability
The Mi jia Electric Scooter unfolds and is ready to ride after just three seconds of pushing a button. The car folds up itself just as quickly when you press the button once again when you are there. It folds up nicely to make transportation easy or to store away. Without a doubt, it will draw a lot of attention while driving. When you fold it down and carry it with ease in your palm, people will be astounded. The total weight is under 12.5 kg, compared to the 17–20 kg that similar products typically weigh.

Not just lovely, but simple to use as well
Because the MiJia Electric Scooter is lightweight and composed of high-quality materials, it is an excellent scooter for cruising around. It is simple to lift the scooter into cars or onto buses and trains. Even at slow speeds, you will be able to stand steadily on it because of its excellent balance. The deck is made of aircraft-grade metal and has two pneumatic tires that lessen the impact of cracks. It also has a textured covering to prevent foot slipping.

Non-slip handlebars that are easy to hold
The MiJia Electric Scooter features a switch that must be pushed in order to turn the engine on or off. Select the most comfortable driving speed by twisting the throttle to control the speed. The throttle is quite easy to use and comprehend. Its variable power output allows you to go at your own pace. The scooter will start easily even if you twist it suddenly.

The handbrake, throttle, and charge level indicator with integrated LEDs are all located on the handlebar, along with the power button for starting and stopping the engine. The scooter’s remaining charge is immediately visible upon first sight.

Incredibly bright headlights

This scooter is among the safer and more comfortable ones because it has lights on both the front and rear. Six metres of road front of you can be illuminated by the 1.1W LED front lights, which are built into the stem. When you engage the brake levers, the rear LED light brightens, alerting oncoming traffic and pedestrians to the presence of a skilled driver.

Reliable support under your feet

MiJia Electric Scooter comes with large 8.5-inch pneumatic tires that provide a lot of comfort compared with some of the solid tires and absorb shock better. Excellent cushioning properties of the tires make the scooter suitable for most of the city roads. Riding the scooter is smooth and quiet thanks to its motor design as well. The 250W brushless DC motor is built into the front wheel, is quiet and allows you to reach 25mph pretty quickly. On top of that, the scooter has a spacious deck that lets you rest your both feet on.

30km on a single charge

Inside the deck of the Mi jia Electric Scooter are LG lithium-ion batteries. They feature their own multi-level safety against short circuits, overcharge, overheating, undervoltage, and other hazards in addition to being well protected from mechanical injuries inside. The scooter’s improved battery consumption allows it to travel 30 kilometres between charges. When it runs out of juice, it takes about five hours to restart.

Energy Recovery System

The unique technology found in high-end cars is the energy regeneration system that comes with the Mi jia Electric Scooter. You can ride on the power from your initial charge and then regenerate charge from braking if you reside in a location with a lot of ups and downs.

The scooter has a combination brake system that provides good, smooth stopping power. It consists of an E-ABS Anti-lock brake system and a vented disc brake system. There is not much stopping distance—just 4 metres. For an emergency stop, you do not need to use the brake force fully. Releasing the throttle gently has a significant impact.

Speed control

The MiJia Electric Scooter practically takes charge of itself, relieving your hands of tension and tiredness with its capacity to move autonomously at a steady speed thanks to cutting-edge technologies like a special speed detection algorithm. Keeping the pace constant also conserves battery life.

Smart application and advanced management

MiJia Electric can establish a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone. You can make all of the ride’s settings using the smartphone. You may view the current speed, battery level, rotation speed, journey time, and a few more indicators via the companion app. You can upgrade the scooter’s software with the phone as well.

MiJia Electric Scooter — freedom of movement, beauty everywhere!




Model MiJia Electric Scooter
Type Electric Scooter
Material Aluminum alloy
Weight 12.5 kg
Tire size 21.60 cm
Motor size 15.20 cm
Maximum speed 25 km / h
energy-saving mode — 18km / h
Travel distance 30 km
Maximum torque 16 Nm
Rated motor power 250 W
Chassis height about 87.5mm
Energy structure 18650 high-power lithium batteries х 30
Charger rated power 71W
Charger rated input voltage 100-240V ~, 50 / 60Hz
Battery charge limiting voltage 42V
Charging time about 5 hours
Standard power consumption 1.1kWh
Braking distance 4 meters
Braking method regenerative braking + disc brakes
Front lighting 1.1W high brightness lights
Rear lighting LED light
Tire material inflatable rubber tires
Optimal height 120 ~ 200cm
Maximum load 100kg
Protection class IP54
Color Black
Package MiJia Electric Scooter x1
Manual x1


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