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\nabzReview of the Sony DualSense Edge: Is the PS5 Pro controller worth the high cost?

Although the Sony Pro Controller looks the part, are its many functions really worth the price?

In a way, Sony reimagined the modest controller along with the release of the PlayStation 5. In some ways, the DualSense was and still is a revelation. Its many novel features—not the least of which are the haptic feedback and adjustable triggers—enhance the gaming experience to the point where competitors will surely follow suit in the future.

The only issue is that, if you’re a power player, you’ve probably already realized that a traditional DualSense isn’t the strongest of attachments. Two of them have been rinsed by us personally, and two more are on their way out. Without a doubt, if you have to change them frequently, this is an expensive hobby.

The thumbsticks are the main culprits; as you play, they get mushy and lose precision. Controllers have an especially hard time with games like Call of Duty and FIFA, which require frequent fast direction changes. Furthermore, you run the risk of inadvertently pointing the stick in the wrong way or losing crucial milliseconds in response time if your controller isn’t performing up to par. A pass that is extremely imprecise could be made with even a tiny deviation in angle.

What to do now that third-party accessory manufacturers have very few options (compared, for instance, to the Xbox Wireless Controller) due to the new DualSense technology? One solution, though, has been offered by Sony: a pro controller of its own to compete with the few offered by companies like Scuf and Razer. The DualSense Edge is technically sound, scalable, and designed to prevent complete replacement in the event that a component fails. But it also costs nearly as much as a whole console, so is it really worth the money or is this just a frivolous luxury in a time of tightening belts? To discover out, we tested it.

Case and accessories of PS5 pro controller

  • Hard carry case
  • Six thumbstick caps included
  • Two rear levers and half dome buttons can be added
  • 3-metre braided USB-C cable

The DualSense Edge feels and looks the part, for sure. It includes a very robust hard shell carry bag that holds the controller along with several accessories and replaceable doohickeys.

There are two longer and two shorter thumbstick cap options with dome tops available. For those who like, the longer ones offer more travel, while the shorter pair are the same length as the standard caps (which are already installed) but have rounded rubberized tips as opposed to recessed ones.

The rounded tops are reminiscent of the DualShock controllers that were sold with or for earlier PlayStation models, including the PS3. They bring back fond memories of older video games, but they also serve a more useful purpose because we think the design is more durable. Although we haven’t discovered a problem with the DualSense yet, the PS4 DualShock’s lipped caps broke off really rapidly, ripping the surround away from the center and completely damaging the cap. That should be completely prevented by this rounded shape.

Each one is simple to remove and clips onto the Edge controller’s thumbsticks with a pleasant “click” when done correctly.

Two rear paddles (levers) and a few half-dome buttons are also included in the enclosure. Both may be placed into specific openings on the rear of the controller and given duties using the PlayStation 5’s customization options. There are only two styles that can be introduced, so you have to pick one. The optimal style seems to depend on the kind of game.

While the paddles can occasionally get in the way of a fast-paced action or sports game, like FIFA 23, they work well with racing games, like F1 22, especially when it comes to gear shifting up and down. We frequently accidently touched the paddle during these games. Because they are farther from your grasp, the half-dome buttons are consequently better for this. Rather than using the directional keypad, we used them to move our FIFA custom tactics up and down during Ultimate Team matches.

Additionally, a robust, three-meter braided USB-C to USB-A connection is included, allowing you to use your controller wiredly to reduce even the smallest latency associated with wireless connectivity in addition to charging it. Additionally, a connector housing is supplied to ensure that you do not unintentionally detach the cable when wildly wriggling your pad.

PS5 pro controller Design

  • Weight: 325g
  • Rubberised grips
  • Removable faceplate
  • Thumbstick modules can be replaced

Although there are several significant changes, the controller itself resembles the original DualSense, which was black and white.

At 325g compared to 280g, it is only little heavier, but it seems stronger and more well-made. For a far better, more secure hold, the inner panels of each grip are rubberized rather than merely texturized plastic. The top touchpanel features the PlayStation icons once again in a pattern. It is squared off on the top edge, which feels good but can cause issues for people who use certain third-party USB-C charging docks because it doesn’t always fit because it’s a little wider than the DualSense standard and won’t sit comfortably enough to charge.

To access the likewise removable stick modules, the controller’s front also has a detachable faceplate. These are the parts to which you attach the thumbstick caps, and on a traditional controller, these are the parts that, in our experience, sustain the greatest damage. Therefore, the ability to change them with new ones is a blessing. Although they are not included in the package (they cost £20 / $20 individually), this is undoubtedly one of the DualSense Edge’s main selling points.

The faceplate can be removed by pressing a little button on the back, and we anticipate that first- and third-party plates with unique designs will be available in the future.

Aside from the color of the directional and action buttons, the two function buttons on the bottom of the controller—which allow you to switch between profiles and other assignable actions—and the sensitivity sliders on the back are the other notable changes.

The travel of each slider can be changed between three settings via these latter switches. You can limit how far you have to press each trigger to get the desired response, or you can keep them as is. This lets players discharge a bullet by merely tapping a trigger, which is extremely helpful for first-person shooters like COD. We experimented with them during Destiny 2, and because each trigger has its own slider, we discovered that fire was more effective when travel was shortened, but aiming was best left at its original level. For the convenience of both right- and left-handed players, everything on the controller is presented in parallel, which is also a pleasant feature.

Features of PS5 pro controller

  • Four customisable profiles
  • Set up available on PS5
  • Every button can be reassigned

The DualSense Edge’s greatest feature might not be found on the controller itself. On your PlayStation 5, you can create four distinct profiles that are system-level compatible and can be quickly switched between while playing a game.

Your PS5 will walk you through some of the Edge’s functions and give you the option to assign custom profiles when you initially set it up. There are several settings you may adjust to maximize the performance of specific games, but the default will be exactly the same as a basic DualSense. You have the option to modify the button assignments for the top touchpanel as well as the rear levers and half dome buttons using the “create a profile” tools. Additionally, each thumbstick’s deadzone and stick sensitivity can be adjusted independently. It is possible to modify vibration and intensity of trigger effect, as well as trigger deadzones.

Then, you may choose one action button for each profile, which will be picked whether or not you are playing a game when you push it with one of the function buttons. It’s arguable that casual players won’t notice much of a difference between configurations, but we discovered that altering our FIFA profile to have more responsive thumbsticks provided us a minor competitive advantage—basically, we won more games. Of course, it could have been psychological, but we’ll take it.

Performance and battery of PS5 pro controller
  • Battery life quoted at 5-10 hours

That certainly made us happy with the Edge’s performance. To be perfectly honest, we do wish that there was a way to replace the directional pad and physical buttons as well. After only a few games, they started to become more spongy and weren’t any better or worse than the normal pad; some PS4 pro controllers, for instance, featured button modules that could be removed fully. But generally, the play feels cozier and more reassuring.

In terms of battery life of PS5 pro controller, less so. Unfortunately, it appears that the DualSense Edge uses more internal processes and hence has a shorter battery life because of the additional capabilities. After four or six hours of play, we discovered that we needed to fully recharge it. The number of hours of use will obviously vary depending on the game, but when playing FIFA, we discovered that it lasted nearly half as long between charges as the traditional DualSense. Maybe there’s another reason why a USB cable is included.

The wireless lifespan may not be a big deal to pro gamers, but if you’re seeking to replace a conventional edit, you should consider it.


It’s inevitable: Sony’s DualSense Edge is an expensive addition to your PS5 gaming experience, but it’s well worth the money in several important ways.

It feels more sturdy, its customisable profiles are great, and the fact that you can entirely replace the most troublesome elements of the standard controller mean you will undoubtedly get more longevity from it. Plus, marketing shenanigans aside, we genuinely felt like it elevated our gameplay a touch, thanks to the included rear button configurations and adjustable settings.

Additionally, it offers a few system-level advantages over competitors like the Scuf Reflex that are hard to match.

Its shortcomings—battery life, for example—are not insignificant, but they are more than offset by its numerous positive attributes. We doubt you’ll be disappointed if you take your PS5 play seriously and don’t mind spending nearly as much on a controller as an Xbox Series S. It’s a niche product, however, and a crazy splurge for a casual player.

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“The PS5 Pro Controller represents the pinnacle of gaming innovation, offering an unparalleled gaming experience for PlayStation enthusiasts. Boasting advanced features, improved ergonomics, and cutting-edge technology, this controller is designed to elevate gameplay to new heights. With enhanced precision, adaptive triggers, responsive haptic feedback, and customizable options, it provides gamers with an immersive and intuitive way to interact with their favorite titles. Its sleek design, durability, and enhanced functionality cater to both casual players and competitive gamers, delivering a next-level gaming experience on the PlayStation 5 platform.”


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