Meta Quest 3

Discover astonishing new mixed reality experiences with our most potent Meta Quest ever.

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$499.99 USD
With mixed reality, you can do so much more with your house.
Netflix’s Stranger Things:TM. used with consent
Experience a new level of immersion with stunning visuals.
Utilize hundreds of applications that inspire your hobbies to game, workout, and stream.

Redesigned from the inside out

Meta Quest 3

What’s in the box

1 Standard Facial Interface pre-installed on the Meta Quest 3 Headset
2Wrist-strapped Touch Plus Controllers with 2 AA Batteries
3 cable for charging and power adapter

                                      immersive experiences

Browse among brand-new titles in the gaming, health, entertainment, and other categories, or use backward compatibility to play old favorites again.

Everything you love like never before

Next-level features.

Next-level experiences.


Combine the virtual and physical worlds with cutting-edge mixed reality.

Use natural interactions to bring virtual things into your actual world.

You may interact with people or items in the environment around you thanks to stereoscopic depth perception, which works in conjunction with high-fidelity, full-color passthrough to keep your surroundings visible.
You may interact with people or items in the environment around you thanks to stereoscopic depth perception, which works in conjunction with high-fidelity, full-color passthrough to keep your surroundings visible.

Surround yourself in 3D sound

All of your favorite applications get a 40% louder audio range and improved sound quality compared to Quest 2.

All of your favorite applications become more immersive thanks to improved sound quality and an acoustic range that is 40% louder than Quest 2.


louder audio range than Meta Quest 2

Dazzling graphics

dazzling visuals
Experience more vivid details owing to the 4K+ Infinite Display.
A wider field of view that increases your peripheral vision in virtual environments (104° horizontal / 96° vertical) allows you to see more.The Infinite Display optical stack from Meta is coupled with two monitors (2064×2208 resolution per eye).
*Two screens with an optical stack from Meta’s Infinite Display (2064×2208 resolution for each eye).

Built for comfort—

and easier to use

Combining Meta’s Infinite Display optical stack with two monitors (2064×2208 resolution per eye).

Discover VR on a platform you can rely on, with improved privacy measures that encrypt your data and parental control options that ensure family-friendly content.

Invest in accessories
Purchase everything

Tech specs

Questions and answers

Q: What is the weight of the Meta Quest 3?

Answer question

Q: When I upgrade from a Quest 2 to a Quest 3, can I import the games I already own on the old system or do I have to buy them again?

Role-playing game

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In most role-playing games (RPGs), players adopt the identity of particular character, honing their talents through succession of trials, missions, or adventures, and revealing their past.
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