Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike

Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike

As a result of increased reliance on walking and bicycling, communities are becoming more convenient for citizens and ecologically benign by reducing automobile traffic. For our benefit, the well-known company Xiaomi created the Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike. You can move farther, quicker, and with less effort thanks to its carefully made urban design.

Lightweight and foldable design

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike is intended for people who use intermodality—the practice of transferring between different forms of transportation—and for those who commute within the same city. The station is too far away if you have to take public transportation to a different city or town. No worries, as you can take the Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike on your travels and fold it up to fit in your car’s trunk, on the bus, or on the train when you get there. Furthermore, it is lightweight—only 14.5 kg—making transportation easy.

Powerful 250W motor

Are you trying to get there quickly? The strong 250W brushless motor can travel up to 25 km/h. Additionally, it can withstand wind on a sloping slope and even in strong gusts.

High-capacity battery. Up to 45 km driving

Another feature that sets the Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike apart is its Samsung 18650 type 5800 mAh lithium-ion battery. With a maximum range of around 45 kilometers without charge, the Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike is exactly what you need if you need an electric bike or scooter to go long distances at a time.

Innovative rear wheel force sensor, more power with less effort

Additionally, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike features a TMM4 force sensor on the back wheel that measures the force you apply to the pedal, interprets the rider’s desired outcome, and assists you in exerting the least amount of effort possible. Furthermore, it has four riding modes that allow you to customize the electric force to your liking. Each mode has a distinct pedaling gain.

See all your data and driving characteristics!

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike’s screen and smartphone app, however, are its greatest features. You may monitor real-time data on distance travelled, speed, pedalling effort, and caloric intake on both devices. It can also control the motor assist modes so you can observe how it aids with your pedalling, and it will store your ride history data.

Key Features of Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike

  • Easy folding: you can ride the bike to the station and board the train, without any problems for you and other passengers.
  • On-board computer: tracks pedaling data, power, speed, distance and calorie consumption in real time.
  • Force Sensor: on the rear wheel, detects the force of each pedal stroke and helps reduce effort.
  • Low weight: offers easy transportation so you don’t have to leave it outside.


Features / filters
Autonomy (max) 45
Battery capacity 5800
Battery charger included yes
Battery technology Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Battery voltage 36
Built-in display yes
Foldable yes
Luggage rack No
Manual yes
Maximum speed (e-bike mode) 25
Motor power 250
Motor type Brushless
Number of speeds 3
Product colour Black
Weight (including battery) 14.5
Wheel size (imperial) 40.6

Technical data

Manufacturer Xiaomi
Model Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike
Name Electric bike
Manufacturer code XMDZLZXC01QJ
European standard EN15194: 2017
Dimensions 1290 mm x 540 mm x 1010 mm
Net weight Approximately 15 kg
Max. weight with user 100 kg
Wheelbase 908 mm
Frame Aluminium alloy foldable
Front fork Forged from aluminium alloy
Seatpost Aluminium 33.9 mm × 680 mm
Bicycle crank 52T steel blade, 170 mm aluminium alloy crank
Hubs Built-in Shimano hub, 3 speeds
Wheel size 16 inches
Braking system Front wheel: Slipper brake; Rear wheel: Shimano IM31 roller brake
Motor type Front hub
Maximum power in continuous operation 250 W
Nominal speed 330 rpm
Rated output torque 7.3 N.m
Rated power supply 36 V 2 A
Cut-off speed 25 km/h
Undervoltage protection 30 V
Overcurrent protection 15 A
Battery type 18650 Lithium-ion
Nominal volume 5800 mAh/208.8 Wh
Battery service life Approx. 45 km
Limited charging voltage 42 V
Charging time Approximately less than 4 hours
Screen TFT display, 1.77”, 160 × 128 pixels
Wireless connectivity Operating frequency: 2402 MHz – 2480 MHz, maximum power: 0.1 dbm

Battery charger

Model LI-0844200200NA
Input 100-240 V~, 2.5 A (max.) 50/60 Hz
Output 42.0 V 2.0 A, 84 W

Operating temperature

During charging (°C) From 0 to 45
In use (°C) From -15 to 45
Storage (battery level at least 80%) (°C) From -20 to 35

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