Sumsang Galaxy Buds Pro

Sumsang Galaxy Buds Pro


Sumsang Galaxy Buds Pro

These Sumsang Galaxy Buds Pro are really wireless and feature professional-grade technology for truly immersive sound. While Intelligent ANC enables seamless switching between ambient sound with full adjustment and noise cancellation. So either let the outside in, or don’t. Your world exists. With Galaxy Buds Pro, you can hear everything clearly.

Nine 3×3 grid-like Galaxy Buds Pro charging cases. There are 3 each of the Phantom Violet, Black, and Silver. One at a time, each casing opens to reveal the earphones inside. The Phantom Violet case in the centre of the grid is zoomed in, and as it does so, it spins around till it vanishes..


Harmony in all of your realms


Galaxy smartphone and Phantom Violet Galaxy Buds Pro in their charging case. The Music UI is shown on the smartphone’s screen. A graphic wallpaper is displayed on the screen of a sliding Galaxy tablet. To illustrate Auto Switch, a video call is received on the tablet, and the earbud connection automatically switches between the tablet and the phone. Ben’s Galaxy Buds Pro Switched to Galaxy Tab, according to the smartphone. Ben’s Galaxy Buds Pro instantly connected, according to the tablet.

Switch it up without a hitch

The Galaxy Buds Pro’s Auto Switch feature recognises the most urgent situation and immediately switches the connected device. So, Galaxy Buds Pro will move the audio to your phone when you’re viewing a movie on your tablet and you get a call. The Galaxy Buds Pro easily switch from device to device without your touching a screen once you hang up the phone.


Your smart assistant,
always on standby

“How’s the weather today?”

“It’s sunny and 72° right now”

“How much battery is
remaining on my earbuds?”

“Your earbuds are at 88%”

You can speak to your phone while it’s connected to make decisions without touching it. It can be awakened with a simple “Hi Bixby” and then be given instructions to call someone, adjust the music, and other things.9,10,11By stating the name of any Samsung gadget, you may even switch between them and toggle on or off ANC and Ambient Mode.

*Simulated image used for illustration.


Win hide and seek with your earbuds

Galaxy smartphone showing the SmartThings Find UI onscreen so the user can find their Galaxy Buds Pro.
Finding your missing earbuds is easy. Open the SmartThings application. To make it simple for you to locate your buds in your room, they will beep. Additionally, even if they are no longer connected to your phone, you may still use Offline locating to locate where they were last seen.
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