Lenovo’s new dual-screen Yoga Book 9i

Lenovo's new dual-screen

Lenovo’s new dual-screen Yoga Book 9i unveils the impressive Yoga desktop, the multifunctional Yoga Book 9i dual-screen device, category-defining tablets, and a cutting-edge motion-capture gadget idea.

Consumers placing a higher value on convenience and premium experiences from increasingly customized and complex technology as hybrid living continues to blur the barriers between work and leisure. People increasingly want adaptable technology that can help them achieve more in all facets of their life, whether collaborating across devices or streamlining to fewer, both at home and on the move.

In light of this, Lenovo’s new dual-screen Yoga Book 9i today unveiled innovative new products to meet the diverse requirements of the modern customer. The brand-new, cutting-edge Yoga Book 9i ushers in a new era for yoga with amazing innovation, luxurious elegance, and performance for a range of experiences. The Yoga AIO 9i redefines what an all-in-one desktop computer may look like and offers more than first appears. New feature-rich tablets like the Lenovo Lenovo’s new dual-screen Tab Extreme and Lenovo Smart Paper digital notepad provide intriguing new features for use at home, at school, and elsewhere. Last but not least, Lenovo’s Project Chronos idea (official name to be announced) is a cutting-edge technology that records a user’s motion and enables them to engage with and carry out tasks in 3D virtual worlds without the need for glasses or wearables.

Venture into a Book of Unlimited Possibility with the Lenovo’s new dual-screen Yoga Book 9i

Lenovo's new dual-screen

The brand-new Yoga Book 9i is the first laptop with a full-sized OLED dual screen1 and a special set of features that enable the creative to tell their own tale. The incredibly flexible Lenovo’s new dual-screen Yoga Book 9i, built on the Intel® EvoTM architecture, offers dual-screen adaptability, multi-mode capability, and improved entertainment options, making it more adaptable than a conventional clamshell laptop form factor. Lenovo’s new dual-screen Yoga Book 9i supports a new generation of customers who are more creative than ever before and gives them the power to achieve their goals whether they are working, producing, learning, or having fun.

Dual-Screen Tasking for Next Level Efficiency Lenovo’s new dual-screen Yoga Book 9i

The Lenovo’s new dual-screen Yoga Book 9i gives customers access to a full laptop experience as well as the adaptability and multitasking capabilities of two displays thanks to its up to the most recent generation of Intel CoreTM processors. These svelte and light laptops, which are based on the Intel Evo platform, are created and constructed to deliver fluid communication experiences across a variety of apps while reducing the impact on responsiveness, battery life, and connection.

Customers may take advantage of a distinctive variety of varied experiences thanks to the dual screen technology of the Lenovo’s new dual-screen Yoga Book 9i. To watch the image over two full screens with only a simple 5-finger gesture while browsing the web may suffice.Or, for extreme productivity, users can view both files—one on each screen—while working on two distinct files at once. Similar to this, customers may use a second screen to conduct research or take notes while simultaneously watching a film on the first screen.

According to their needs, users may easily move between laptop, tablet, and tent modes thanks to the thin and light convertible form factor. Users can utilize the tent mode in a face-to-face meeting to show a slide presentation on one screen while viewing and managing the presentation from the other screen. Dual screen functionality improves communication and cooperation in online meetings by allowing the host to deliver a presentation on one screen while monitoring chat, answering questions, and forwarding slides on the second screen.

Lenovo’s new dual-screen Yoga Book 9i also has a folio stand, making it easier for users to work while on the road. The ability to multitask is improved by a detachable Bluetooth® keyboard and by the Lenovo-designed Smart Pen pen, which may be utilized to increase productivity.

Lenovo's new dual-screen

Sophisticated Software & Elevated Entertainment

The cutting-edge software that Lenovo and Microsoft created for the Lenovo’s new dual-screen Yoga Book 9i improves the user’s ability to work, learn, stream, create, and engage in light gaming. The program, which runs on Windows 11, has advanced reading, writing, and note-taking capabilities for students who are studying at home. With this function, the user may attend an online class on one screen while taking notes on another.

Users may enjoy a movie on one screen while learning useful trivia about the film on a second screen when it’s time to unwind.Users will be wowed by the ultra-vivid colors, greater contrast, and deeper detail of the graphics on the Yoga Book 9i’s dual 13.3-inch 2.8K OLED PureSight screens, which are 100% DCI-P3 color accurate and support Dolby Vision® HDR. Customers may have a fantastic entertainment experience with Bowers & Wilkins speakers on a 360-degree rotating sound bar and Dolby Atmos® multidimensional audio. The Yoga Book 9i’s Tidal Teal hue is another striking design element. It is both contemporary and elegant. It also comes in environmentally friendly packaging, with 100% recycled paper used for the outer box, gift box, and cushion materials.

Yoga AIO 9i Desktop: The Epitome of Stunning Distinction


With the power and graphics to support a variety of artistic pursuits, the new Yoga AIO 9i (32″, 8) was designed with creatives in mind. It is a structural masterpiece that has been exquisitely constructed to serve as a spectacular centerpiece for almost any workstation. The Yoga all-in-one desktop computer exudes sophistication with its large 31.5-inch, 3-side borderless, 4K, 100% sRGB display that is housed in a sleek panel with a metallic hinge that tilts to the appropriate inclination. The covert, air-ventilated base, which is a real space saver, has seven connections on its back for easier cable management and an integrated wireless smartphone charger.

The Yoga AIO 9i is equipped with up to the newest 13th Gen Intel Core i9 CPUs, which can be combined with up to an NVIDIA® GeForce Next Gen Desktop GPU to perform visual design, intensive photo/video editing, and gaming with ease. This PC also has four Harman Kardon® speakers, Dolby Atmos spatial audio, and an integrated 5MP infrared (IR) camera with a built-in electric shutter and smart login features, enhancing both creativity and collaboration.

With a focus on minimalism, this desktop computer enables multi-device management, enabling customers to charge and connect their laptop and AIO using a single keyboard and mouse and full-function USB Type-C® connector.The gadget is made of 65% post-consumer recycled ABS plastic for the top and bottom covers of the specialized keyboard and 75% recycled aluminum for the panel center frame. Additionally, it supports a variety of voice assistants for effective speak-to-control functionality.

Lenovo’s Project Chronos Concept: Virtual Freedom

Businesses and customers are searching more and more for more involved and engaging ways to improve their hybrid lifestyles through fresh and exciting experiences. As a result, it is more appealing than ever to be able to interact, communicate, and have these experiences in both the actual and virtual worlds. Lenovo developed a mixed-reality system with the goal of giving everyone access to smarter technology. This solution would provide customers a completely fresh and straightforward mixing of virtual and physical experiences.

Lenovo’s Project Chronos idea, designed as a home computing device for the tech-savvy creative, provides a glasses-free, full-body movement-driven experience that enables users and creators to virtually operate their lifelike avatar without the need for any motion-capture (mocap) wearables. Instead, a cutting-edge depth camera records the user’s movement and displays it on a monitor in their house with a DP or HDMITM connector, such as a TV or big PC screen, in a 3D-rendered virtual environment2. Once an avatar has been made, the user may control it with simply their gestures, motions, posture, and even facial expressions while seeing it be reproduced on the screen almost instantly.

Built for the Home

The hardware comprises of a sleek, contemporary host computer station that may be placed directly below or above the suitable TV or monitor3 (available separately) or mounted to the wall. Its revolutionary computational architecture and integrated RGB depth camera are geared for low latency, allowing for quick and precise full-body motion capture. When turned off and not in use, the camera may be flipped down for enhanced security as a privacy measure.

For people who connect with others through technology or who often use virtual environments, Project Chronos offers a new degree of freedom. For instance, without the need of a mocap device or glasses, users may more easily generate content in virtual worlds or become VTubers with lifelike avatars. While exercising with a client remotely and electronically, a fitness coach may demonstrate appropriate form and movement skills. In the virtual world, one may also change into any kind of virtual persona and make new acquaintances regardless of proximity to one another, time, or place. Thanks to clearly discernible facial expressions and movements that can be translated in close to real-time, the gaming experience may be even more realistic and participatory.

When the product’s complete hardware and functionality are released, the official name will be made public. In order to build on this dynamic ecosystem, Lenovo is collaborating with developers, content creators, and service providers to introduce a product that may give users the virtual freedom to go beyond their wildest dreams.

Lenovo Tab Extreme: Bigger, Better, More

Lenovo unveiled the 14.5-inch Lenovo Tab Extreme, its largest and most powerful tablet yet, shattering the mold of what is seen as a premium tablet. With desirable features and smart improvements that improve entertainment and work, this gadget goes above and beyond what’s expected to give more of everything.

The Joy in the Extreme

With a 3K OLED display, DCI-P3 color gamut, and a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, this tablet can function as a personal home theater in almost every room in the house. It delivers the extreme brightness range that nearly resembles what one would see in real life and has an amazing 1M:1 contrast ratio. A stunning set of eight high-performance JBL® 4-channel speakers equally distributed between woofers and tweeters and Dolby Atmos combine to produce a powerful, multidimensional audio experience. The main mechanical elements of this enormous tablet are completed with a potent MediaTek® Dimensity 9000 Octa-core CPU and an all-day battery life of up to 12 hours4. But what really inspires amazement is the thoughtful planning that went into it.

Thoughtful Innovation of Lenovo’s new dual-screen

With the growth of hybrid lifestyles, the tablet’s function has changed from being only for streaming entertainment to becoming a second at-home or remote-use device that enables seamless transitions between leisure and work. Because of this, the Lenovo Tab Extreme was designed to change to meet the demands of today’s users. For instance, its dual-mode stand, which magnetically fastens to the tablet and enables users to adjust its position to accommodate the orientation they require at any given time, may be used either horizontally or vertically. The dual-hinge keyboard, which is available separately in some areas, allows the tablet to be installed and then tilted to the user’s preferred viewing position. This is where the real innovation lies.With the backlit keyboard attached, the tablet seems to float in that position, mimicking the sitting position of a conventional laptop or desktop PC. When the stand is closed, the primary hinge forms a special, protected storage chamber for the accompanying Lenovo Precision Pen 3.

All along, clever features are weaved in, such as audio and visual adaptive capture technology that automatically maintains the camera’s focus on the user during video calls5, even when they move around in their chair. Utilizing the four on-board microphones, narrow beaming technology reduces background noise for crystal-clear audio clarity within a 50-centimeter range. The 360-degree voice capture option may be used to allow everyone in the room who is participating in the call to be heard. The tablet’s TÜV Rheinland-certified display will also automatically alter the on-screen color based on ambient light and color temperature to maximize viewing comfort. The Lenovo Tab Extreme was created with the environment in mind, and both its chassis and packaging are made entirely of recycled aluminum.

The Space and Opportunity to Do More

By supporting up to four apps6 in split screen mode and allowing users to launch up to 10 apps as floating windows6, the Lenovo Tab Extreme, which runs the AndroidTM 13 operating system, makes it easier for users to multitask their passion projects. Users have the option to use their tablet as a sketchpad for seamless collaboration with their laptop via the DP-in USB Type-C connector or use it as a control panel with their display via the DP-out USB Type-C port for efficient, device-agnostic collaboration.

Without wires, use this functionality,Users may wirelessly link their Lenovo Tab Extreme and Lenovo Windows PC using the Lenovo Freestyle app7 for quick file sharing between the two devices, the option to stretch or mirror their desktop for extra screen space, or the ability to utilize the tablet as a second trackpad for their PC. There are also other tools that can help with creativity and workflow, such as Clip Studio Paint8/9 for drawing and WPS Office8 for increased productivity.

If you’re looking for contact information for Dell or details about the Inspiron 14 Laptop, I recommend visiting the official Dell website (www.dell.com) and navigating to their “Contact Us” page. There, you can find the most up-to-date contact information for Dell’s customer support and sales teams, as well as any product-specific information you may need.

Yoga Slim 7i Carbon (13”, 8) Refresh
Processors Intel Core i7-1280P 1.8G/14C/24M
Intel Core i5-1240P 1.7G/12C/12M
Operating System Windows 11
Graphics Intel Iris Xe
Memory 8G LPDDR5-5200  Dual Channel
16G LPDDR5-5200 Dual Channel
Storage12 512GB/1 TB PCle M.2 SSD
Display 13.3” 2560×1600 16:10 PureSight IPS, 400 nits brightness, 90Hz, Dolby Vision
Audio 2x2W Harman speaker, Dolby Atmos
Camera & Microphone HD IR Camera with dual-mic,
Time-of-Flight sensor, color ambient light sensor
Electronic camera privacy shutter
Battery4 1080P DAC Earphone: Typical 9.7 hrs   /   Min 8.8hrs   /   up to 10.3hrs
1080P Speaker: Typical 13.7hrs   /   Min 12.2hrs   /   up to 14.6hrs
MM2018: Typical 9.6hrs   /   Min 9.3hrs   /   up to 10hrs
Dimensions (mm) 300.1 x 206 x 14.8
Weight Non-touch: Starting at <960g
Touch: Starting at 990g
Colors19 Moon White,Storm Grey
Ports 1 x Thunderbolt 4.0
1 x USB Type-C 3.2 Gen2 (with PD3.0/DP1.4/support type c headphone)
Wireless WiFi 6E
Bluetooth 5.1
Software20 Windows Hello

Key Specs

Yoga Book 9i
Processor(s) 13th Gen Intel Core i7-U15
Operating System Windows 11 Home
Windows 11 Pro
Graphics Intel Iris® Xe
Memory LPDDR5X 16G
Storage12 PCle SSD Gen4: 512G/1T
Display 13.3” 2.8K, 400 nits, OLED/DCI-P3 100%, 60Hz, 16:10
4-side narrow bezel (91% AAR) HDR, PureSight, Dolby Vision
Audio 2 x 2W
2 x 1W
Bowers & Wilkins speakers
Dolby Atmos
Camera FHD IR+RGB (5M USB)
Webcam with Privacy Shutter
Battery3 80WHr
Mobile Mark 2018: up to 7.3 hours
Video Playback: up to 10 hours (Dual screen on 150 nits), up to 14 hours (Single Screen)
Dimensions (mm) 299.1 x 203.9 x 15.95
(inches) 11.78 x 8.03 x 0.63
Weight 1.38kg
Hinge 360°
Colors19 Tidal Teal
Ports 3 x USB Type-C (all full function and Thunderbolt™4.0)
Wireless Wi-Fi 6E24
HW Support Bluetooth 5.2
OS Just support Bluetooth 5.1

Windows Hello
Multi-point touch
Lenovo Vantage
Microsoft Office 36521
Amazon Alexa22


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